Start something new

Ever wondered what it would be like to start something new again?

The Burford's purchased the land here at Pear Tree Hollow 20 years earlier, when all that was here was a treeless ridge top hollow and a lone 100 year old pear tree. In their 50's they set out to create from a blank canvas, the off-grid homestead and fauna and flora paradise that Pear Tree Hollow is today. That was a mighty undertaking and one that they and now we and our guestsenjoy the fruit of every day.

It's now 6 months since we moved into Pear Tree Hollow, and we, also in our 50's, are the next caretakers and creators of Pear Tree Hollow's growth. For us too it was a step forward to start and create something new in our life and relationship. A step forward that puts a smile on our face every day and an appreciation of all that life is and can be.

What do you need to step out into? Is it time for you to reflect? dream? talk? act?