Love that 'place'!

I was just reading something 'on the importance of place' by Dale Coulter:

"One of the natural loves that humans possess is a love of place. Bubbling up from love for home and love for creation, the love of place shapes humans, conforming them to the topography of the landscapes they inhabit..... Falling in love with a locale, however, is fundamentally to peer into the beauty of creation refracted in and through the land and its inhabitants."

What place or places do you love? On a local scale, do you have a nook, a seat, a location, a place with a view, a garden seat that gives you a sense of 'aahh'? A place that provokes creative thought, emotion or a sense of peace?

We enjoy a number of places that create that, in this shared place called Pear Tree Hollow. And we're creating more for our guests, inside and out. Enjoy it for yourself, here or in a place of your own making or seeking.

To life and courage,

Peter & Michelle