Rediscover Nature Play

There's a lot of discussion and evidence about how unstructured play for children in the natural environment is beneficial in many ways. Where they can explore, be curious, and use their imagination to discover new things while interacting with nature. It also develops communication and problem solving skills, and encourages creative thinking.

The design elements in nature play feature natural materials, climbing and walking areas, sand and water such as creeks or ponds, and trees and plants combined with grass mounds and places to get messy. These are areas that are diverse and inviting, and visually full of possibilities to experience sensory play and some challenges. All of this engages the head, heart and hands.

What's good for children is good for adults too! If you're not 'playing in nature' you are missing out on part of what life is all about, including the ongoing development of new neural pathwaysin creative ways. All of those nature elements are present here at Pear Tree Hollow (only here it's for adults only!) It's obvious to us that Pear Tree Hollow attracts nature lovers, and those wanting to rediscover what's missing. You may find it in the forest, on the grassy hills, by the water, in the views or by the fireside. We often hear the comment that the TV or radio wasn't even turned on, and many of our guests are reluctant to leave the property or cottage at all, except to go and get some great local food to eat out for dinner or get creative and prepare a rustic meal for themselves in the cottage.

Rediscover a zest for your life, work and your relationship in nature play! Can you afford not to?

To life and courage,

Peter & Michelle