Love that 'place'!

I was just reading something 'on the importance of place' by Dale Coulter:

"One of the natural loves that humans possess is a love of place. Bubbling up from love for home and love for creation, the love of place shapes humans, conforming them to the topography of the landscapes they inhabit..... Falling in love with a locale, however, is fundamentally to peer into the beauty of creation refracted in and through the land and its inhabitants."

What place or places do you love? On a local scale, do you have a nook, a seat, a location, a place with a view, a garden seat that gives you a sense of 'aahh'? A place that provokes creative thought, emotion or a sense of peace?

We enjoy a number of places that create that, in this shared place called Pear Tree Hollow. And we're creating more for our guests, inside and out. Enjoy it for yourself, here or in a place of your own making or seeking.

To life and courage,

Peter & Michelle


We've had a lot of wild weather here in South Australia in the last month, bringing destructive winds and flooding to many parts, and widespread power blackouts. 

Here at Pear Tree Hollow (and some other properties in the district) the power stayed on since we're living 'off-grid'. Meaning, there is no 'mains electricity' since wind and sun are converted to regular electricity for all our usual home power needs on site, and the rain is collected for our own water supply. We live in times when 'living off the grid' has come of age and so easily achieved with current technology, as our guests experience. Not only that, but living in the hollow on the ridge here puts us in a protected shelter from the destructive winds and a view of the weather to the far horizon (something we're often thankful for.)

There's something about 'living off grid' and close to nature that teaches us all some important life lessons:

Connection to the earth, wind and sun brings us a sense of connection with reality and a feeling of being more grounded. What's more, this nature connection provides the opportunity to connect with our real self; and find a renewed personal connection to significant others in your life. (It's one of the unexpected benefits of staying at Pear Tree Hollow.)

Try it for yourself. And experience the benefits of being connected in the important primary ways.

To life and courage,

Peter & Michelle


Burst into Spring!

From Pear Tree Hollow cottage getaway:

We're warming up in front of the open fire as we write this letter to you, and all this recent rain is promising an amazing garden life in springtime soon.
Why wait for spring? Go and pick or buy some flowers for your partner or for yourself now and surprise your partner (or yourself!) with an advance booking at PTH to welcome in Springtime in September in the central southern Fleurieu Peninsula!
In the hollow on the ridge here, the morning sun bursts into the day with warmth and light that settles your soul, inspires your mind and invigorates your body.
September is such an inspiring time to walk, soak up some gentle sunshine on a blanket in the field or rustic daybed, read, dream, design or enjoy conversation with someone you love.
Advance bookings for Spring are already being made, so join in with those who love life and burst into Spring! Grab a 3rd night for $100, or a last minute deal if you're lucky to find one.

To life & courage,

Peter & Michelle

Fireside Love Nest in Winter

I love winter!
Refreshing walks wearing your favourite warm jacket with the feeling of chilled air on your cheeks. Watching the mysterious way the low clouds move through the valley below the ridge here. The rich green colours of the evergreens and the lacy silhouette of deciduous trees. And... the unique warmth, colour and comforting sound of a wood fire in front of comfy sofas that invite you in, with a warming red wine or hot chocolate at hand. Curling up with your lover, exchanging conversation and tender touch.....the rest is up to you!
That's the Fireside Love Nest at Pear Tree Hollow in Winter!
Most of June and some of July is already booked, so to heat up your relationship this winter, get on our website and book a deal like 'get the 3rd night for $100'.
p.s. for the active amongst you, the Heysen trail is a spectacular nearby hike, and stunning bitumen and dirt roads to explore through the central southern Fleurieu Hills here.

To life and love,
Peter & Michelle